Please use the form below to submit your competitor application for Branded Bonanza Idaho (formerly Mustang Mania).

What you need to know:

  • Horses: All competitors will be adopting horses and burros that are AIP eligible after titling at 1-year post-adoption. The adoption fee will be $125, payable to the Bureau of Land Management. Approximately 20 burros, 40 youth horses, and 60 adult horses will be available.
  • Animal Selection: Animal selection position will be determined by the date your application is submitted and all references are received. Until both references are received, your application will be considered incomplete. A catalog of the available horses and burros will be made available online as soon as possible, and an open house will be set prior to the pick-up and official animal selection date.
  • Pick Up: Pick up will be 3/8/24 and 3/9/24 at the Boise Wild Horse Off-Range Corrals. No additional pick-up option or dates will be available.
  • Divisions:
    • Youth Burro (8-17)
    • Adult Burro (18+)
    • Youth In-Hand (8-17)
    • Adult In-Hand (18+)
    • Adult Under-Saddle (18+)
    • Adult applicants must choose between competing in-hand or under saddle and cannot choose to compete in both divisions. Approximately 25 of the 60 adult horses will be reserved for the riding division, meaning that division will be capped at 25.
  • Reassignment: If you plan to reassign your animal following the competition, Forever Branded is offering an opportunity to market your horse or burro through our website and social media channels for a $100, tax-deductible donation. Private training fees are assigned by the trainer. More information will follow surrounding this offer. Note: By reassigning prior to the 1-year titling date, the adopter will forfeit all AIP payment eligibility. 
  • Competition: The competition will take place 6/28/24 and 6/29/24 at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa, ID.
  • Notes:
    • Every applicant must also submit 2, non-family member references. The reference form can be found on the main Branded Bonanza page or shared via this link.
    • The competitor, trainer and adopter can be different individuals. This means that an adopter/competitor may outsource the training of their animal if desired. It also means the adopter does not have to be the same person training and/or competing at the show. When completing the application, please note the competitor (or their legal guardian) must be the one to complete the application. If the animal will be housed or trained elsewhere, please provide that information where asked within the application. If the adopter is not the competitor, they will need to be present at pick up to complete the BLM application paperwork. Youth competitors must have an adult adopter for their animal.

2024 Branded Bonanza Idaho Competitor Application